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Special Issue (Vol. 71, No. 5) Arctic Observing Summit 2016


Three papers from the Arctic Observing Summit 2016 held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in March 2016 have now been published online and are open access. All content is available at:

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Open Access articles in March 71 (1) 2018


In the March issue 71 (1) there are two articles which are open access and immediately available to all readers:

Iqaluktutiaq Voices: Local Perspectives about the Importance of Muskoxen, Contemporary and Traditional Use and Practices,” by Matilde Tomaselli, S. Craig Gerlach, Susan J. Kutz, Sylvia L. Checkley, The Community of Iqaluktutiaq.

"Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Ship Traffic in the Canadian Arctic from 1990 to 2015," by Jackie Dawson, Larissa Pizzolato, Stephen E.L. Howell, Luke Copland, Margaret E. Johnston.

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Special issue (Vol. 69, No. 5), “Human Landscapes in the North: Papers in Honour of Dr. Priscilla Renouf”


We are pleased to announce the special issue of Arctic in honour of Dr. Priscilla Renouf is now completed. The issue includes 11 research articles and an Introduction by Dr. Lisa Hodgetts and Dr. Patricia Wells. All content of the special issue is available at:


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Attention- ARCTIC Journal Website


It has come to our attention that there is a web-site pretending to represent the journal ARCTIC and is soliciting manuscripts.

Please refer to the official website for all information pertaining to the journal ARCTIC

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the journal ARCTIC

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Vol 71, No 5 (2018): Supplement 1

Arctic Observing Summit 2016

Table of Contents


James Morison, Jeremy Wilkinson, Matthew Alkire, Frank Nilsen, Igor Polyakov, William Smethie Jr., Peter Schlosser, Frédéric Vivier, Antonio Lourenco, Christine Provost, Jacques Pelon, Cecilia Peralta Ferriz, Michael Karcher, Benjamin Rabe, Craig Lee
Oceana Francis, Gleb Panteleev, Max Yaremchuk, Vladimir Luchin, Jacob Stroh, Pamela Posey, David Hebert
Sue E. Moore, Jacqueline M. Grebmeier
Hajo Eicken, Andrew Mahoney, Joshua Jones, Thomas Heinrichs, Dayne Broderson, Hank Statscewich, Thomas Weingartner, Martin Stuefer, Tom Ravens, Mark Ivey, Amy Merten, Jinlun Zhang