Another paper has been published in the special issue (Vol. 69, No. 5), “Human Landscapes in the North: Papers in Honour of Dr. Priscilla Renouf”:

Living on the Edge: Inughuit Women and Geography of Contact
      Genevieve M. LeMoine, Susan A. Kaplan, Christyann M. Darwent

A Large-Scale Systematic Study of Palaeoeskimo Soapstone Vessel         
     Fragments from Newfoundland and Labrador, John C. Erwin

Hunter-Gatherer Variability: Developing Models for the Northern Coasts
     Peter Rowley-Conwy, Stephanie Piper

Living at a High Arctic Polynya: Inughuit Settlement and Subsistence 
     around the North Water during the Thule Station Period, 1910–
     53, Bjarne Grønnow

Technology, Taphonomy, and Seasonality: Understanding Differences 
     between Dorset and Thule Subsistence Strategies at Iqaluktuuq, Victoria 
     Island, Lesley Howse, T. Max Friesen

Across the Straits from Port au Choix: Mobility, Connection, and the Dorset 
     of Southern Labrador, Marianne P. Stopp 

Moravian and Inuit Encounters: Transculturation of Landscapes and Material
     Culture in West Greenland, Peter Andreas Toft

Fractal Worlds: An Archaeology of Nested Spatial Scales, by Peter Whitridge

Archaeoentomological Perspectives on Dorset Occupations in Newfoundland: 
     A Case Study from the Site of Phillip’s Garden (EeBi-1) by Frédéric     
     Dussault, Trevor J. Bell and Vaughan Grimes

The Role of Stone in Island Societies in Neolithic Atlantic Europe: Creating 
     Places and Cultural Landscapes, by Gabriel Cooney