A Preliminary Account of the Danish Pearyland Expedition, 1948-9

P.C. Winther, J. Troelsen, K. Holmen, P. Johnsen, B. Fristrup, E. Knuth


Brief account of the organization, financing, supply transport by ship, then by Catalina planes from the base at Young Sund (74 16 N).; the preliminary scouting expedition in the summer of 1947; roster of personnel and brief summaries of the "work carried out and the results obtained on sledge journeys and on walking and motor boat trips during the first wintering of 1948-9" at Jorgen Bronlunds Fjord, 82 11 N, 31 30 W: geology summarized by J. Troelsen, botany, by K. Holmen, zoology, by P. Johnsen, meteorology and glaciology, by B. Fristrup, archeology by E. Knuth (leader).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14430/arctic3948

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